Semi-Rigid Inflatable Boats


ZEPPELINS at the Fastnet Lighthouse
19 July 2001 - Click for more shots

Nautical pleasure can only be enjoyed to the full if there is a feeling of

The design of our craft, the choice and use of materials, satisfy the most stringent quality criteria. The sturdiness and reliability of our semirigid inflatables are acknowledged by all the professionals (civil security, the fire service, the navy, the armed forces, etc...) who are already using them.

Our unique hull probably has something to do with this reputation of a strong fast craft.

Look closely, It is the subject of all our attention and the outcome of continous research for greater efficiency and reliabilty.


Atlantic Boating Services is proud to offer these fine boats for the first time in Ireland. Browse through the following pages and we're sure you'll agree that Zeppelin offers great value for money.

We offer very competitive pricing on both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine packages.
or ring us for details. Telephone 028-22145 or 087-235-1485. (Add '353' from outside Ireland.)

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The Complete ZEPPELIN Range


A range of semirigid inflatable boats in lengths from 4.00 to 28.00 metres.

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A range of deep V-hull rigid inflatables in 5.00, 5.60, and 6.70 metre lengths.

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A brand new range of deep V-hull rigid inflatables offering tremendous strength and comfort.

Further details coming soon.



An affordable 2.30 metre inflatable tender.

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Special Pricing on "Z" series
Tenders and Engines


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we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Updated 19th March 2010