Servicing and Agencies for the Following Brands

Engine Services

Servicing in Mercury; Yamaha; Suzuki and Honda takes place in our purpose built workshop at the rear of our shop in Skibbereen.

We have all the specialized tools to carry out the modern servicing including the diagnostic equipment which is necessary for today's computerized engines.


Most Servicing Parts are available in stock for the following outboards and some Parts not in stock usally take only 24HRS.

Parts can be obtained in;



Boat Retrieval / Winterization services

On call retrieval of boats, winterization and storage.

Over the summer season the engine will have been slowly contaminating its oil with the usual chemicals that turn it from a nice clear green or gold color, into a muddy gray color. Over the winter, the oil will sit for a long while, and any water and acids dissolved in it will sit under the oil wherever it lays in the engine. Over the winter, these acids start to eat their way into the various metal bearings and the sump metal. Whilst it's not a problem over a winter or two, it does contribute to premature engine wear. In some cases we have seen the need to replace a leaking engine sump as result of this corrosion from the inside.




Yachting Services

Atlantic Boating Services Pontoon Facility operates from May to October. We normally have twenty berths. In good weather we can handle an additional 10 boats.

  • Maximum length 15 meters
  • Minimum depth 2.4 meters
  • Fresh water
  • 220 volt mains power
  • Security gates to shore
  • Shops, pubs, restaurants nearby
  • Fuel and gas can be arranged

If you are planning to come to Baltimore this year take a note of my mobile number 00353(0)87-235-1485 or contact me on VHF channel 16 or 09. Call on or before the day you arrive and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Showers are available for sailors at Bushes Bar, the Baltimore Sailing Club, or Glenans Sailing Club.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Yachts up to 15 meters can be accommodated.

Overview of pontoon and ramp way.

ZEPPELIN gang visiting the pontoon in Baltimore


Pontoon Facility Charges
(water & power included)
per night
per day
up to 10 m
€ 20.00
€ 10.00
10 to 12m
€ 25.00
€ 10.00

over 12m

€ 15.00
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