We are main agents for Suzuki outboard motors in Cork South West


We stock the DF2.5 to DF15 all year round. The bigger models can be ordered and delivered within 3-5 working days.All Suzuki outboards carry a 5 year warranty .


The person to talk to when enquiring about outboards is Diarmuid Minihane. Also Nadine can help with enquiries.



These are the models we stock in our showroom.


Specifications DF2.5

  • 4-Stroke
  • Maximum output:1.8kW
  • Cylinders:1
  • Shaft length:15inches
  • Weighing only 13kg, this 4-stroke engine is so light that you'll forget that it's a 4-stroke!

    There are a range of features that you wouldn't expect on such a small outboard, including F-N Gear shift, water-cooling and a 1 litre fuel tank that will last you for hours.

    With a big carrying handle, the engine is easily lifted on and off a tender or pontoon while the 4 tilt positions ensure that you can set the engine to your boat's requirements.




  Specifications DF6/DF5/DF4


•  4-Stroke

•  Maximum output:4.4kW/3.7kW/2.9kW

•  Cylinders:1

•  Shaft length: S:15 inches L:20

•  Weight: S:25kg L:26kg

The Suzuki DF4, 5 and new 6 HP outboards are a completely new design and demonstrate the Company's determination to make the advantages of advanced clean burning, fuel saving 4-stroke technology available to the portable engine user. Ease of operation and handling ranked very highly in the design criteria.





Specifications DF9.9/DF8


•  4-Sroke

•  Maximum output: 7.3kW

•  Cylinders: In-line 2

•  Shaft Length: S:15 inches L:20 inches

•  Weight: S:44kg L:45kg

With the new DF8 and DF9.9, Suzuki has launched a new generation of small outboards designed with features that offer greater ease of use, better portability and more economical operation




Specifications DF15


•  4-Stroke

•  Maximum output\;110kW

•  Cylinders: In-line 2

•  Shaft length: S:15 inches L:20 inches

•  Weight: S: 44kg L:45kg

Suzuki placed a high priority on ergonomics and ease of operation when designing these 4-strokes. The engines have a slim, clean appearance with no awkward protrusions on which to catch lines or clothing. The tiller and controls are centrally positioned with the emergency stop switch incorporated into the handle itself and the clutch, start switch and LED displays located on the tiller support bracket. The decompression release makes for easy manual starting.
















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