Below are the links to some high resolution views of Baltimore Harbour and the town. The left selection is for the browser pan-able version. The righthand selection is for a QuickTimeVR Movie of the same view. The QTVR version requires the QuickTimeVR Plug-In for your browser. The link to upload this (for free) is located at the bottom of the page. The QTVR files are large and take up to a minute to load with a 33.6k modem.

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NOTE: Your browser must be set to ALLOW POP-UPS for these images to load.

View of Baltimore Harbour from behind the Beacon.  
View of the Harbour from the end of the pier.  
View of Baltimore Harbour from in front of the Beacon.  

Click on the logo to the left if your browser does not currently support QuickTime VR.

Once there, select the Plug In for your browser and download it unto your machine.